Thursday, June 25, 2009

Layout roughs

layout roughs

Meeting Next Week:
Thursday, July 2,
3:00 p.m. at the VAB

Elias: Rough of script for issue #2 and 2-3 pages drawn
Mad & Nico: character designs + brainstorm for issue #3

List of characters:
Austin (M)
Chuck Norris (M)
Conan (N)
Chazz (N)
Cow (M)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woody Allen Nemean Lion V. 1

So, I thought I'd give this a try and see what you guys thought of my first few attempts. Ignore the suit, I was bored.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Notes on todays meeting

Issue #2
  • Elios begins to attack the lion (at this point I think the lion should still be wearing his mask) and hits him.
  • The mask gets knocked off and the lion resembles Woody Allen. The lion trembles with fear and Elios is surprised that the lion is harmless. The lion starts to complain and whine (just like woody) about how Elios is a bully just like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules.
  • Proceed to the campfire scene where they talk about how fucked up everything is, Elios reveals how KS as H left him to do the 12 labours and whatnot.
  • The lion decides to tag along Elios because he wants to film a movie about him.
  • They reach the next labour which is to clean the stables.
  • Somehow, the lion decides to stay behind and Elios ends up taking a cow that meows. What Elios doesn't know is the cows were going to be sacrificed to a temple worshipping Haitis.
  • Near the end of the issue Haitis (Austin) gets introduced as well as a preview of the next adventure, retrieving a girdle from the amazon queen (kelly).

Other side notes:
  • Labours that have already been completed by KS as H: Lion, Artemis, Cattle, and Boar.
  • In issue #3 will "Chazz" be introduced??
  • Chuck Norris put Austin in Haiti because he's black.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, June 25,
3:00 p.m. in the VAB

  • We will primarily be taking reference shots for the comic of Elias and Chazz.
  • Going over the rough draft script for issue #2 and possibly brainstorm #3 (to keep the continuity of the story pace and flow).
Everyone's assignments:

Elias: Script for issue #2.
Narciso: Sketches
Mad: Research